Intrix Partners

Intrix Partners

Not all payment processing solution providers are created equal.

Some make it their business to find merchants the most cost-effective way to process their electronic payments. Others aren’t overly concerned with the merchant’s profitability. Any vendor who hawks an “off the shelf” electronic payment solution doesn’t have the merchant’s best interest at heart.

At INTRIX we take a different approach to client engagement: To serve as trusted advisor; not just product vendor.

Our job extends beyond delivery of electronic payment processing services. As trusted advisor, INTRIX also seeks to:

  • Drive down electronic payment processing costs, and
  • Add value, with world-class service and benefits that go beyond the basic payment processing requirements.

INTRIX only works with best-of-breed partners who share our same core values. When you engage INTRIX, you also gain partners who pledge to:

  • Understand Your Business
    INTRIX understands that no two businesses are alike. Likewise, INTRIX partners commit to learning your business, your customers, and your market.

    In return, you get an enterprise payment project that has real applicability to your company’s strategic goals.

  • Invest in a Long-Term, Customer-Centric Relationship
    INTRIX is in it for the long haul, and we expect the same from our partners.

    We do not partner with businesses that “fire and forget.” Every partner INTRIX brings onboard forges long-lasting, consultative relationships with our clients.

  • Maximize Your Profitability
    To yield maximum return on your payment processing investment, partners must be industry-leading experts in their own right.

    INTRIX partners maximize your profitability, by finding opportunities to reduce your electronic payment processing and fraud management costs.

Quite simply, INTRIX believes that putting the customer first makes everyone successful.