Intrix Virtual Terminal

Intrix Virtual Terminal

Process Payments Anywhere at Any Time

The Intrix Virtual Terminal (VT) is a browser-based access to a merchant services site for authorizing and entering credit card purchases and other payments. It enables access from any online computer that has an internet connection. The VT allows for both swiped and key-entered transactions and supports all of the features of the payment gateway.

Fraud Prevention and Security

The Virtual Terminal is a component of the PCI-DSS compliant Intrix payment gateway that can be configured to use the existing fraud filters including; duplicate transaction checking and filtering by foreign country, maximum amount limits, AVS, CVV, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Payments and Reporting Made Simple

Merchants can use the Virtual Terminal to perform basic payment transactions including sales, authorizations, pre-authorizations, refunds, voids and ACH (check) transactions. In addition, the transaction data is stored in a secure PCI compliant datacenter that can be accessed for query and reporting purposes. Standard reports include a Daily Deposit Report that can be used for reconciliation purposes and Transaction Detail Reports that are an audit trail of transactions that can be sorted by payment type.