Payment Gateway Solutions

Merchant Services Colorado,  Credit Card Processing Boulder CO,  Ann Yeager Merchant Advocate, Payment Technology Leaders, Payment Technology Experts,  Payment Gateway Merchant Services, Payment Gateway PCI-DSS, PA-DSS Certified Gateways, Intrix Business Consulting Specialists, Tokenization thru through isolated API, QuickBooks Plug In, Credit Card Terminals, Virtual Terminal, Electronic Bill Invoice Presentment and Payment, State-of-the art Technology SolutionsFor more than a decade, Intrix Technology has delivered PC-based solutions for processing payments and storing sensitive data.  Installed as an integrated system module and as licensed Software as a Service (Saas) solution. The Intrix Gateway meets the needs of multi-channel retailer, direct biller, college campus, health care provider, ecommerce merchant, call center, wholesale distributor, manufacturers and franchisee.  Ease of implementation reduces certification timeframes- reducing time and cost of implementation to end user.
The Intrix Payment management experts deliver payment solutions that are PABA certified, PCI-DSS validated.
As a member of the PCI Council, Intrix drives security and data standards for the entire payment industry.

Payment Solutions

Custom PA-DSS and PCI Service Provider Level 1 Certified Gateways – Future Protection from Industry and Market Changes, Save 35-50K with our Token Vault (Tokenization through isolated API).  Save Time and Money Instantaneously moving payments from Invoice to Bill Collection (ACH or Credit Card) into Accounting System with email confirmation recording the Invoice Payment.  Build to the TranScend Architecture allows Security, Reliability, Flexibility, Scalability and Simplicity.  Connect to existing SAP Accounting system via Internet, Frame Relay (Lease).  Pass Level 2 and 3 Data to save on Business, Corporate and Purchasing Card Processing Fees and Set Fraud Protection Filters.  (Read More)

Quick Books

Intrix Plug In for QuickBooks Accounting Software allows acceptance of ass forms of Credit Card and ACH Payment.   An Executable File downloaded onto your Computer interacts with Invoices and Sales Receipts. This is a fully Certified PA-DSS solution.  (Read more)

Recurring Payments

Intrix Recurring Module for Subscription, Membership and Card on File Transactions.  Supports any combination of rate plans and subscription periods and the remote storage of card sensitive data facilitates PCI compliance.  (Read More)

Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentment and Payment

The Intrix EBIPP is a fully automated, easy to use web-based billing and payment processing system.  Error-free invoices are initiated and submitted for payment electronically.  Perfect for Product and Service based billers generating several hundred detailed invoices per month.  * Daily Lockbox Report *Seller Admin Console  * Merchant Branding * Invoice File Import Capabilities (batch) (Read More)

Credit Card Terminals

Internet, Dial, WIFI  (Your existing equipment Hypercom, VeriFone)

Virtual Terminal

Accept Payment Anywhere at Anytime Internet based eCommerce PCI compliant Processing without Terminal, Equipment or Electronic Cash Register


iPhone swiped entry transactions provide a lower rate, email receipt, on screen signature capture